The service allows you to carry out investment activities, regardless of your location, quickly, conveniently, reliably.
All investments received from investors and placed in different sizes of pools are directed to acceleration of start-ups or development of promising working business. We do not invest in something that "can be worked," we carefully choose and think, filigranically analyzing every organization that wishes to receive funding. We don't want to leave a chance of error, so we are very sensitive to the analysis of the organization, and in general everything that is connected with the issue of financing.
We hold meetings of investors and entrepreneurs, together with our experts, once a season. These are closed events to which the most effective, active and significant investors and entrepreneurs receive invitations. During these meetings, which we call dinner, entrepreneurs tell about their business, receive questions from investors and answer them, asking questions of interest to them too. Such meetings help to achieve mutual understanding and understanding of all processes in general.
Each registered investor has access to all methods of earning in, ranging from buying shares in investment pools to the capabilities of the distributor's office.
In total, there are three directions for investments available for our investors in the work with the help of the service, two types of investment pools, and direct investments. Investment pools in which our investors can participate are divided into two types, a small pool and a big pool, each of which has two categories.

The first type of pools will interest small investors whose capital does not exceed $10,000, dividend payments can be made weekly, as small financing requires less time, and payments from financed organizations can begin in a week or two. Profitability can reach here max around 10% per week.

The second type of pools is designed for investors holding large capital whose investments exceed $10 000, return of investments and dividend payments are possible after one month here.
This is due to the fact that it takes more time to realize larger capital. Profitability can reach here max around 60% per month.

Also, thanks to the high level of financial activity and optimization, there is an opportunity to invest and get profit daily. In this case, you invest in the direct turnover of MONEYMAKERS HOLDING CORP. and At the same time, we promote this direction of investments as an ultra-modern, convenient service function, giving the possibility to reliably receive, not high, but daily return on any volume of investments. Profitability can reach here max around 1.5% per day.

We would like to recognize the top 10 investors in the MoneyMaking. Only the most successful investors can be in this top.


    1. Natalia Patrícia da Silva MMC 1003.97000000
    2. Spock MMC 1000.00000000
    3. Natasha Rostova MMC 1000.00000000
    4. kanaris MMC 1000.00000000
    5. Есепенок Сергей Александрович MMC 1000.00000000
    6. Diar Aliev MMC 1000.00000000
    7. joe MMC 1000.00000000
    8. Irina MMC 1000.00000000
    9. Andrey MMC 1000.00000000
    10. Aleksandr MMC 1000.00000000

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