- We generate profit through the reconciliation of funds in the sphere of financing, on the basis of trust management of invested capital of the company 's clients, with application of the latest developments in the field of search intelligence and blockchain technology, to automate and decentralize the MoneyMaking.Al project to provide to society, Independent and efficient service, for cooperation of investors and entrants around the world, allowing for profit or financing, on mutually beneficial terms secured by the contract.
- Of course yes. We have all necessary documents, pay taxes, act in full compliance with the current legislation of Panama and international law, guided by the charter of the company and carefully treat the choice of counterparties, economic activities and origin of funds. Responsibility for control and compliance of the company's activities is performed by MONEYMAKERS HOLDING CORP. Financial and Legal Department, as well as independent auditors.
- In order to become an investor, you need to contact our active partners and independent distributors to obtain an invocation token id, which will allow you to complete the short registration procedure of the investor account on the site and then you will be able to make an investment according to your preferences on the offered terms and conditions in the desired amount, adding to your balance using any available payment systems. Prior communication with the current distributor will allow you to obtain important detailed information, and we will make sure that you are not a robot and do not pose a threat to the normal operation of the system.
- You can write to technical support, as well as contact us through any available communication channels, informing that you want to become an investor in the, we will review your application and provide you with invitation token id to create a personal office of the investor. Join the official community of the company in Telegram, where you can also get acquainted with our distributors, or visit the official pages of the project on social networks, where you can ask your question so that one of our independent distributors can contact you personally.
- Check out the investment opportunities provided in your personal office to select the most appropriate option for yourself, and then open the deposit using the tokens purchased by MMC. After that, you will become an official investor of the company and will be able to make profit in accordance with the chosen conditions, as well as be able to invite familiar investors and attract new participants as an official partner of the company or distributor.
- To replenish the balance, use any of the available payment systems that are currently supported for financial transactions in your personal office. We are gradually expanding the list of supported payment systems, depending on the wishes of investors and entrepreneurs. You can leave your wish by contacting us on any of the available communication channels.
- You need to create your wallet or account in one of the payment systems in order to carry out financial transactions with our company remotely now and in the future.
- You can open as many deposits as you like at your own discretion and without restrictions.
- Dividends are calculated automatically to the account balance of the investor in the personal office. The investor leaves the request for withdrawal of funds, when the request is in the queue of applications, our artificial intelligence checks the application, and makes a payment under the control of specialists, within the specified time interval (24 hours), according to the working schedule of system administrators and other maintenance personnel (Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, GMT -5).
- One personal account per customer. Multi-accounting is prohibited by the rules, and for violation of this paragraph it is provided to block all accounts and funds.
- Password and login can be restored if necessary by using password recovery function, or by using any form of feedback and answering the secret question specified during registration, after which your situation will be considered and all necessary measures will be taken to restore access to the account for the real owner.
- In case of unusual situations and circumstances preventing to log in to the site, it is enough to contact the support service, during working hours of the company via any channel convenient for you.
- Any capable adult or officially registered legal entity may become an investor without any restrictions, and you are not prohibited from applying for funding by submitting an application, in case of successful consideration in the process of selection of applications and further approval, this is possible. The requirements can be found in the section "Financing."
- The company provides an opportunity to receive financial rewards for popularizing the service by acting as a distributor. People who have registered using your invocation token id are your partners and the bonuses you receive are based on the investment activity of your partners.
- We guarantee 99% success and leave 1% for unforeseen incidences that are independent of the service and company. In other words, we make every effort, experience of our team, the latest technologies, and resources and capital to optimize work and minimize possible risks, we aim and assume only success, profit, growth and development.
-The company does not charge any fees for customer transactions.
- Yes, of course, it is possible. The Company fully understands that you may have a desire or need to collect your money before the terms of the selected investment agreement, or refuse to use the received funding with a refund if you have already received any part of the agreed funding. In these cases, you will have to pay production costs under the terms of the contract, the amount of which depends on the terms and other circumstances. If necessary, simply contact us via any available communication channel.
- Yes. We equally value and respect each client regardless of his/her material position and status in the society, but for especially serious investors there are several additional conditions depending on the amount of investments, simply contact us via any available communication channel, and we will discuss this possibility.
- No, we do not contact other material values than the payment systems available on the site. You can first use the services of pawn shops, banks, trading platforms and others to convert your property into money, after which you can deposit the desired amount into your account in your personal office of the investor.
- Yes, contact us at to find out more about the current vacancies and get advice on your resume.
- If you have other questions, just contact us via any of the available communication channels or via online chat and we will be happy to help you.
- The minimum amount to withdraw is $ 0.01 for payments in USD. Equivalent to $ 10 for payments in cryptocurrencies.


- Submit your application via a special form, or contact us via any variant convenient for you to participate in the competition for financing, then wait for a reply after processing and consideration of your application. You will receive your answer within two weeks.
- These are always different amounts for each particular case. First of all, you should understand what amount you need from the accelerator and explain it. We rank all applications received, and the amount is determined during negotiations and deep analysis separately for each startup.
"We don't recommend it. You must choose your favorite idea to receive funding that you and your team are willing to fully work for it.
- Yes. This is possible in conditions of fair competition and compliance with copyright and patents, if several companies engage in or plan to engage in similar activities, it will not be an obstacle, so we do not exclude coincidences and are ready to get some duplication. Even if you don't accept competing companies, you can still get a match because startup ideas change so much. We act so that when two start-ups are working on connected things, we don't talk to one about what the other is doing. In practice, this situation has not proved to be a problem, because in most large markets there is a place for a few slightly different solutions, and it is unlikely that the two start-ups will do exactly the same thing.
- We cannot know exactly the date and time of the next allocation of funding for new approved applications, because the process is on-the-go. The dates we know we report personally in order of priority.
- Yes. We regularly accept single founders. Yet there are more difficult requirements for single-person start-ups, and you have a better chance of success in a multi-founder company. We need to see that your team/organization is able to implement funding.
- Yes. In a typical situation, about half of the companies applied several times before they were accepted. If you apply earlier and haven't received funding, we strongly recommend you apply again by working on your business model, goals and objectives, seeing issues and their solutions. Making progress since your last appeal is a strong message for us.
- No. One of the main principles of the company is the same consideration of all applications without privileges based on personal relations; we maintain complete impartiality and objectivity.
- No. You need to complete the application for funding located on the site, after which you will be given access to the personal account assigned to your organization, if it is successfully considered.
- Yes. We don't limit you to raising money. We had a lot of companies joining the funding after participating in a different kind of accelerator. However, if you’re already using a different accelerator, we can expect you've made higher levels of progress.
- Sorry, not. We tried it once, and as a result such start-ups were far behind the others. What we do, we have to do personally, meetings can take place remotely using modern communication channels, and successful negotiations are accompanied by the signing of a contract. We will not provide start-ups with a service, without holding personal meetings and planned events. However, you do not need to be permanently in our office, or other cities with company offices. We try to make the service as convenient as possible and have the opportunity to hold meetings and negotiations remotely, using modern means of communication. The place of the meeting, or online conferences, their date and time will be previously agreed during the negotiations and we will try to find the most convenient option for both sides.
- Yes, of course. This process will depend on the stage of obtaining funding, and the easiest way to refuse at the time of consideration of the application before signing the contract and receiving funds. However, after that, it is possible to refuse funding on the terms of the signed contract.
- This is not our specialization, and although the company has a legal department, we strongly recommend you to find your own lawyer for this case.
- If your application has passed all stages of selection, it speaks about high chances of success of your idea, accordingly all that is required of you is to develop the idea and master money strictly on realization of ideas of financing and not to worry about return of funds ahead of time. In cases if you have done everything correctly, but your business does not bring profit, there is an option to compensate the funds received during financing by reorganization of your business by takeover, merger or joining with our company during negotiations with the legal department, this will be sufficient to fulfill the terms of the contract and compensate the funds received. Further business development will be the task of our specialists. But in the case if you spent the funds wrong, you will have to bear legal responsibility, and the issue will be resolved either in the pre-trial procedure of dispute settlement or through the decision of the court.
- We not charity foundation or the organization, we provide you financing on terms of the contract, counting on receiving a share of profit, on the conditions of an interest rate accepted for you, in other words being shareholders of your business, business partners, and financial assistants, getting from 5% to 45% of profit depending on the sum of financing, the amount of business, business of the idea, arrangements, etc.
- You can freely dispose of your business, and after receiving the financing, our company will be an equity member of this business and these conditions will remain the same regardless of the transfer of ownership or change of founder, at the same time you will be obliged to notify us about the forthcoming event, and we will not oppose you for much, but it may be necessary to have our legal expert present to verify that the necessary documents have been signed and issued correctly. Also, these changes should not in any way affect the plan to develop a startup or organization.
- If you have questions, just contact us through any available communication channels and we will be happy to help you.


- Distributor is an official "partner - representative" of the authorized to distribute his/her invitation token ID, promote and advertise the service, attract investors and organizations to cooperate and work with the service, on behalf of the service and the organization himself/herself. Each registered user, whether an investor or an organization, has access to the distributor's office, in which he/she can find his/her personal invitation token ID, as well as an information panel.
- The distributor's salary depends on the efficiency of the work he/she does, naturally, the distributor who makes a greater contribution to the development of the, receives great rewards. Our distributors receive a reward based on the amount of investments attracted, on income from organizations, and also, the most successful distributors receive a monthly bonus based on their overall efficiency. In total, payments can reach the equivalent of 40% of the total amount of financial activity organized by the distributor.
- Very simple, it is enough to get an invitation token ID and undergo a short registration procedure, having previously read all the information on the site, and in case of additional questions, having contacted us. Distributor's office and features are available for all types of accounts.
- For invitation token ID you can contact our current partners and distributors, or you can use the feedback form to select the most convenient way to contact us to apply for invitation token ID for registration. We will review this application, contact you and ask you some questions to see if we can give you access to the system. Also, our distributors use promotional content, with their built-in invitation token ID, such as banners, or links, you can use the retailer 's invitation token ID by clicking on the link or banner, and the invitation token ID will automatically be stored in your browser if your settings allow it.
- Distributor has maximum freedom of action, is independent, and independently chooses how to act to promote the, attract investors and organizations. Usually, as a rule, for successful activity, an independent distributor, is engaged in promotion of services of the company, formation and establishment of own distribution network (structure of active partners).
- No, it is an alternative right and each partner decides whether to engage in independent distribution activities, so the company does not interfere in this process. But we strongly recommend exploring information about the company, as well as regularly holding master classes in marketing, online conferences, face-to-face meetings for all interested in personal development and profit enhancement, and are always ready to answer your questions by contacting the administration or support team.
- The company follows the policy of maximum freedom of action and puts forward only one requirement: it's the honest cooperation with the exceptional absence of any defamatory actions or damaging to the reputation of the company, which provides for the use of only reliable information located on the site without personal interpretations, which can distort the real picture of the activities of the company and disorient users leaving a negative feeling.

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