Last Updated 20th of March, 2020
By means of entering website (hereinafter referred to as website or site), the User expressly confirms that he fully understands the meaning of the terms listed here, as well as in the user agreement and privacy policy and other documents regulating relations in the process of cooperation with the MONEYMAKERS HOLDING CORP., and agrees and obliges to follow these terms of service with all its integral parts and referred documents. These Terms of Use apply for MONEYMAKERS HOLDING CORP. services, functions and features. Your access to our website may be accomplished from your computer, notepad or mobile phone, and these Terms of Use will manage your utilization of our website and your actions, despite the type of admission and device.
We are willing to cooperate with you on other sites, such as,,,,,, etc., while posting content or asking for your interaction. These terms and regulations do not administer companies that do not belong to MONEYMAKERS HOLDING CORP., no actions of individuals who are not involved in MONEYMAKERS HOLDING CORP. Therefore you must to verify always the terms of use posted on third party websites.
All rules must be interpreted in the spirit and terms provided here. For more information please read User agreement and Privacy policy.
1.Terms and definitions
Each word in these Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and User agreement, and other documenys shall have following meaning:
a.”AML” means anti-money laundering;
b.”CTF” means counter-terrorist financing;
c."FATF" means the Financial Action Task Force;
d.“Verification” means procedures of identification of the User by means, provided for by the AML/KYC Policy available on the Site.
e.“Cryptocurrency” means a form of digital asset, which represents a result of mathematic calculations performed by particular algorithm or obtained by the user from another sources, or the digitally expressed right to obtain such results.
f.“Fiat-currency” means a currency, emitted by the Central Banking Authority of any State, or the lawful equivalent of such currency.
g.”MMC” - means Money Making Coin which is the internal currency of the company's website and is used in the process of providing financial services between customers and the company.
h.“Disposition operation” means an execution of the Orders placed on the Site by the Company or a satisfaction of bailout application.
i.“Bailed-in amount” means an amount of Cryptocurrency or Fiat-currency provided to the Company’s FSP to execute orders on behalf of the User.
j.“Bailout Application” means an instruction to return the Balance or its Part or equivalent from FSP to the User wallet.
k.“The Balance” means an amount of MMC belonging to the User, bailed into accounts of the FSP of the Company and calculated after balance corrections.
l.“Balance Correction” means the calculation of the User’s balance upon the Disposition Operations or upon the correction of mistakes in the Balance, which occurred unlawfully, corrupted actual Balance and were approved by the Technical Conclusion.
m.“Mistake” means an error, which occurred accidently or by abuse by either User, or any third persons.
n.“Technical Conclusion” means a report, which describes how an error, causing balance mistake occurred, prepared by an expert, hired by the Company.
o.“The Company” means MONEYMAKERS HOLDING CORP. – a Limited Partnership duly incorporated by the laws of Panama.
p.“The FSP” means Financial Services Provider – a bank, financial institution, an electronic money institution or an address of cryptocurrency wallet in the Company’s disposal.
q.“Fee” means an amount of Cryptocurrency or Fiat, chargeable for the clients’ Disposition operation.
r.“The Partners” means all registred users and other platforms integrated into the Site with the use of API protocol allowing users of other services to participate in company`s business.
s.“The Account” means a section of the web-site accessible only to a particular user, which is verified by entitled credentials.
t.“Credentials” means a username and a password, required from a user to enter the account.
u."Investment activity" means opening deposits in the company by any registered user.
v."Financial activity" means transfer of funds for the implementation of business ideas.
w."Distributors activity" means advertising activities, the creation of its own investor structure, and the popularization of the company’s work by attracting new investors using the invation token id.
x."Reward" means payment for the activities of distributors for funds raised by the company.
y.“Application and order” means intention of the user to withdraw a certain amount to his wallet.
z.“Prohibited Use” means the use of the Services in a manner not stipulated by the agreement for the provision of services or with its violation.
2. Personal account.
Each user after passing the process of registration on the Site is entitled unique credentials to enter his personal account on the Site.
a.The Site remains the right to identify the User by means of e-mail verification, SMS, phone-call or any other method preferred if the threat of unauthorized access occurs.
b.The access to the Account does not itself mean access and (or) the right to use all the Services provided by the Site. To unlock full access to the Account, the User must pass verification procedure.
c.With no prejudice to the clause 2. b. of these Terms, the Site provides full access and (or) right to use all the Services provided by the Site for all clients and partners and non-verified users in case the amount of deposits of which does not exceed $ 10,000.
d.By means of the Account, the Site may provide following information to the User:
•Current opened deposits of the User.
•Completed and revoked deposits of the User.
•Completion status of current and recent applications and orders.
•The User’s balance.
•The User’s recent balance corrections.
•Current opened applications and orders on the Site in aggregated and segregated forms.
•Current prices of the orders on the Site in aggregated and segregated forms.
•Total value of the applications and orders on the Site in aggregated and segregated forms.
•Completed applications and orders on the Site in the past in aggregated and segregated forms.
•FSPs available for use.
2.1. The Account provides tools for the User to:
•Create application and order.
•Revoke application and order.
•To pass verification.
•To access technical support service of the Site.
•To open a deposit.
•To make the Bailout application.
The Site may perform communication with the User by means of the Account. Announcements in the Account, which were marked by the User as read, are considered as accepted by the User. The User marks announcements in the Account as read by means of opening it.
3.The Balance
. The Balance of the user may be represented by the following means:
•amount of MMC which the user has buy or received from the company at his own expense;
•amount of Fiat-currency that the User bails into the FSP;
•amount of Fiat-currency after the Disposition operations;
•amount of Cryptocurrency that the User may bail into the Financial Services Provider;
•amount of Cryptocurrency after the disposition operations.
3.1.The User may increase the Balance by means of bailing-in respective amount of Cryptocurrency or Fiat- currency to Financial Services Provider.
3.2.The User may increase the Balance by means of having received rewards for distribution activities.
3.3.The Balance may be corrected under following circumstances:
•As a result of Disposition operations performed by the User.
•As a result of mistake, which occurred unlawfully and corrupted the Balance, which would normally contain another values without such mistake.
The Balance is a subject of pledge before the Company. If the User occurs damages to the Company, to the Site or to any contractors of the Company, the damages may be covered by this pledge.
4.Prohibited actions
The User is not allowed either directly or indirectly intrude the normal operation of the Site.
a.The User, which is a subject to any laws and regulations of any State and is prohibited to acquire, hold or buy Cryptocurrencies, or to do it by means, as provided for by these Terms of Service is not allowed to use the Site.
b.Copy and(or) diffuse any items of intellectual property published on the Site except when this function is clearly contemplated by the Site.
c.Copy or use in any other way the program part of the Site as well as its design.
d.Diffuse on the Site personal data of third persons without their consent.
e.Change in any way the program part of the Site, take any actions aimed at changing the functionality and operability of the Site.
f.Use insults or any words violating rights and liberties of third persons as a login (nickname, alias) during the registration.
Terms & conditions specified here may be changed or modified by the MONEYMAKERS HOLDING CORP. сompany occasionally at any time without prior notice and at its sole discretion. In case of modification of these Terms of Use, MONEYMAKERS HOLDING CORP. will post a new version on its Sites and specify the date of the update from the top. The validity of changes or modifications to these Terms of Use, Guidelines or Rules will be imparted upon their posting. If you proceed using the Sites after the changes or modifications updating, it means you have accepted these changes.
Your disagreement with these changes or modifications needs to be expressed by your immediate stop in the Site usage. Therefore, it is necessary to check often both these Terms, Guidelines, Rules, any other applicable policies and their dates, for your further understanding of the terms and conditions that are applicable to the usage of these Site.
MONEYMAKERS HOLDING CORP. provides its materials and information with the intention to be used only for individual educational or informational aims. These Terms & Conditions is part of establish set of rules, applicable to the users, which use the Site and the Services. These Terms, Privacy Policy, User agreement administer your usage of the Site, regardless of whether you have become familiar with them or not. In case of your disagreement with any of these provisions you should cease using our Site.

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